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Precision in Motion: Crafting Excellence with CNC Milling

Cheers to precision in every cut, excellence in every detail, and craftsmanship that sets the standard.

Kratos Precision GmbH
Auf dem Bild steht der Geschäftsführer von Kratos Precision. Er hält ein Tablet in der Hand und gibt Informationen ein. Im Hintergrund sieht man die Werkstatt.

A growing company

Kratos Precision is growing and so are the challenges and customers. To support this growth, Kratos wanted to restructure and optimize their website.

We were able to accompany Kratos Precision for several months to support them in their strategy, appearance and brand assets.


We refined their brand message and built a distinctive identity through a tailored CI and a captivating website.

Guided by insights, we finely tuned their brand message for authenticity and impact in the realm of headhunting. Going beyond words, we embarked on a creative expedition, fashioning a distinct visual identity that truly captures their unique essence. This holistic approach, merging refined messaging with a compelling visual allure, empowers our client to confidently convey their values and connect with their audience in a meaningful manner.


Powerful relaunch

The outcome for Kratos is truly remarkable. The number of hits on their website has reached an all-time high. Moreover, they’ve been flooded with positive feedback from customers, showering them with praise for the new website. This success is a clear sign that Kratos‘ careful planning, creative efforts, and focus on their customers have truly paid off.

Crafting intricate brand narratives for lasting and meaningful impact.

Crafting intricate brand narratives for lasting and meaningful impact.

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